Men in Sunrise Purple

Men in Sunrise Purple


Few websites has released images believed to be  “Men In Sunrise” Series which includes the Frogman (GWF-1000SRJ-4JF) , Rangeman (GW-9400SRJ-4JF) and Mudman (GW-9300SRJ-4JF).

We share some images for your view.

Frogman GWF-1000SRJ-4JF

Frogman GWF-1000SR-4JF

This Frogman GWF-1000SRJ-4JF is based on the frogman GWF series.  The retails price is ¥77,000.

Rangeman GW-9400SRJ-4JF

Rangeman GW-9400SR-4JF

This Rangeman GW-9400SRJ-4JF is based on the current model GW-9400, except the colour, we don’t see any other changes on this model.

Retail price is ¥52,000 in Japan.

Mudman (GW-9300SRJ-4JF)

Mudman (GW-9300-SR-4JF)

The Mudman (GW-9300SRJ-4JF) price is ¥37,000

If you are looking for this Men In Sunrise, wait for further announcement.

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