Frogman GWF-1000 / GF-8250 Series

Frogman GWF-1000 / GF-8250 SeriesFrogman GWF-1000/ GF-8250 Series The GWF-1000 is the latest addition to the Frogman line, introduced on September 2009 in Japan. It represents the fifth generation of the Frogman series. The GWF-1000 is now capable of receiving time updates from six locations worldwide (Mainflingen [Germany], Anthorn [England], Ft Collins [USA], Shangqiu [China] & Fukushima & Fukuoka/Saga... Read More »


FROGMAN 2000FROGMAN 2000 G-Shock released FROGMAN 2000 in 2000 and 2001.  There are 2 model under this theme, where the first one Frogman DW-8200F-4JR was made available in July 2000.  The second model Frogman DW-8200NT2-4JR was released in March 2001. The photo below is Frogman DW-8200F-4JR. At the backcase of Frogman DW-8200F-4JR you can clearly see engraved “2000” to differentiate this model... Read More »

Frogman GW-200 Series

Frogman GW-200 SeriesFrogman GW-200 Series Casio continues its frogman legacy with GW-200 series by releasing  basic GW-200-2JF in July 2001. GW-200 is quite similar in design with its predecessor  DW-6300, but with improvement in many ways. TheTough Solar was added to GW-200 !   G-Shock released the basic model GW-200-2JF in July 2001.  The next model was limited... Read More »

Frogman Series – DW6300 DW8200 DW9900

Frogman Series – DW6300 DW8200 DW9900G-shock Frogman Series First Generation Frogman – The Humble beginning  In 1993, Casio decided to release their very first Frogman with a code Frogman DW-6300-1A.  The DW-6300 series adopted the asymmetrical design inspired from submarine hatchcover and widely known as First Generation Frogman. 4 more models were released from 1993 to 1994 as below : Frogman... Read More »

Takashi Murakami Frogman

Takashi Murakami FrogmanIf you are looking for the most expensive G-Shock Frogman, this Takashi Murakami Frogman (GWF-1000TM-4JR) can easily fall under this category. Takashi Murakami is the Japanese pop art phenomenon, the Takashi Murukami Frogman was released to mark Japanese radio station Tokyo FM’s fortieth anniversary. Taking its colour from the station’s logo, the watch features a Murakami flower engraved... Read More »

Men in Sunrise Purple

Men in Sunrise PurpleMen in Sunrise Purple Few websites has released images believed to be  “Men In Sunrise” Series which includes the Frogman (GWF-1000SRJ-4JF) , Rangeman (GW-9400SRJ-4JF) and Mudman (GW-9300SRJ-4JF). We share some images for your view. Frogman GWF-1000SRJ-4JF This Frogman GWF-1000SRJ-4JF is based on the frogman GWF series.  The retails price is ¥77,000. Rangeman GW-9400SRJ-4JF This Rangeman GW-9400SRJ-4JF is based on... Read More »

GW-200F-3JR Green Kermit Frogman

GW-200F-3JR Green Kermit FrogmanGW-200F-3JR Green Kermit Frogman GW-200F-3JR Green Kermit Frogman was released in 2009 with the theme of “Love The Sea And The Earth” to support the research activities for EARTHWATCH. A futuristic glossy green model to promote environmental awareness. Has a solar powered quartz movement (Tough Solar) that that powers itself with solar energy to enhance... Read More »

G-Shock Men in Camouflage

G-Shock Men in CamouflageG-Shock Men in Camouflage Early 2015, G-shock has released another limited products with a theme “men in camouflage“. The Master of G series equipped with assumed specialized functions for use in harsh conditions. There’s three new camouflage-pattern models to choose from. There’s G-shock Frogman GF-8250CM, GW-9300CM and G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400CMJ. G-Shock “Frogman” GF-8250CM-2JR The G-Shock “Frogman” GF-8250CM-2JR  comes... Read More »


FROGMAN GWF-T1000BS-1JR RubyFROGMAN GWF-T1000BS-1JR Ruby The frogman GWF-T1000BS-1JR was released in July 7 2011 with a limited number of 200 units only. The frogman GWF-T1000BS-1JR look similar to earlier version of GWF-1000BS-1JF, however there are some difference that make thisGWF-T1000BS-1JR very unique and collector item : 2 genuine ruby insets in place of the decorative screws of the iconic... Read More »

Frogman DW-8250Y-9T

Frogman DW-8250Y-9TThis is MEN IN YELLOW frogman series which was released in 1998.  The Frogman was released together with other model under the MEN IN YELLOW series as below : AW-570y-9t gaussman DW-8400y-9t mudman DW-8600yj-9t fisherman DW-9100yj-9t riseman Compared to other model under its class, the frogman DW-8250Y-9T is little bit heavier as it was constructed out... Read More »

Frogman GWF-1000nv-2JF

Frogman GWF-1000nv-2JFFrogman GWF-1000nv-2JF The frogman GWF-1000nv-2JF is the latest series in the Frogman family.  The limited edition Men in Navy series of G-Shocks was released in March 2014 together with the GW-9300NV-2JF Rangeman and GW-9400NVJ-2JF Mudman. G-shock adopt navy blue used in military hardware, such as a flight jacket and deck jacket to the base color. White... Read More »

Frogman GWFT1030A-1

Frogman GWFT1030A-1Frogman GWFT1030A-1 The frogman GWFT1030A-1 was launched in conjunction with G-Shock 30th anniversary.  The 30th Anniversary collection highlights the most popular G-Shock styles, the iconic FROGMAN dive titanium cased watch. The gloss red with golden mirrored LCD’s and gold IP metal accents are the perfect complimentary pallet for this commemorative timepiece. Each watch has the G-SHOCK... Read More »

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