G-Shock King GXW-56

G-Shock King GXW-56

GXW-56 Series

“The King of G-Shock” was officially released in July 2010. The GX-56 is marketed for US while for Japanese Domestic Market, it was also known as GXW-56. The GX-56 has all the features of the GXW except atomic time calibration.

All Casio G-Shock GXW-56 Series’ wrist watch has a newly developed stronger impact-proof body than the previous models. The Casio GXW-56 Series also come with all basic G-Shocks features, you will also find widgets such as Tough Solar and Multiband.

The motif of the square form are from the first model “DW-5000C”.

GXW-56 Collection

There are few models under this GXW-56 series :


The price of GXW-56 series was ¥27,000.
Where To Buy
The production of GXW-56 has been discontinued. But you still can buy this limited edition at ebay, yahoo auction and other collector site.
GXW-56 Manual Download
Download G-Shock King GXW-56 manual here.




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