G-Shock Information

G-Shock Information

The first G-Shock was made in the 1983 Casio DW-5000C designed by an engineer working for Casio named Kikuo Ibe, around the triple ten concept: the concept for a watch that has a 10 year battery life, is water resistant to 10 bar, and can survive a 10m fall onto a hard surface

We share some of the information that you should know about the G-Shock watch. Feel free to add any info in comments.

G-Shock Model Numbers

The full model number of any G-Shock tells you lots of information about each watch. This diagram breaks down all the different elements:



Source : Mygshock.com

1JF = Japan Domestic Market
1DR = International Market (Especially for countries of East Asia, SEA, Africa & Southern America)
1CR = US & Canada Market
1ER = European Market

Neverthess, all of above are same. Just difference is the marketing region.

Taking a cursory glance at Casio G-Shock Perfect Search and personal collection – JDM G-Shocks ending with “JR” are limited editions/collaboration G-Shocks and “JF” are standard releases.

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