G-Shock Carbon Fibre

G-Shock Carbon Fibre

If you love Carbon Fibre, G-Shock has few collection of Carbon Fibre watch in its production range.

Besides added strength and reduced weight, the carbon fiber just looks really cool on your hand. 🙂

In this post we share some of it, eventhough many of them are hard to find in the market, but you still can try your luck in ebay and Japan Yahoo Auction.

1. GW-S5600 Series


These GW-5600 series comes with two design one with negative [GW-S5600B] and another with positive [GW-S5600] display. This special edition is limited to 1500 pcs for each style and was released in June 2010.  This CF version also known as RM Series.

The special editions of the GW-5600 that use carbon fiber in the case and band.

The retails price for  GW-S5600B and GW-S5600 was(¥33,600) and  (¥31,500)  respectively.

2. GW-M5630D-1JR 30th Anniversary

GW-M5630D-1JR 30th Anniversary


GW-M5630D-1JR models are 30th Anniversary limited editions.  The GW-M5630D-1JR  get the carbon fibre on its band.

Black IP back case is engraved with G-Shock’s 30th Anniversary logo, which was created by world-renowned graphic artist, Eric Haze.

3. DW-6930D-1 30th Anniversary


This new special G-SHOCK 30th AnniversaryDW-6930D-1 Model features a high durability carbon fiber insert band. The latest in band forming technology embeds gold colored parts are embedded into resin material to enable exciting new design potential.

The text “30th ANNIVERSARY” and “SINCE 1983” is embedded along with star marks on the band, and the G-SHOCK logo decorates the band loop. Based on the world popular DW-6900, this model features a 30th Anniversary logo on its back cover. Side buttons, the face and other components are done in gold coloring to create a look that truly celebrates G-SHOCK’s 30th birthday.

Black IP back case is engraved with G-Shock’s 30th Anniversary logo, which was created by world-renowned graphic artist, Eric Haze.

4. GSET-30-1JR 30th Anniversary

GSET-30-1JR 30th Anniversary

This is the set of Thirty Star which also released in limited quantity to celebrate G-Shock 30th Anniversary. The set come with  DW-5030D-1JR, G-SHOCK DW-5030-1JR and also a G-Man.



4. Frogman GW-201NT-1JF Carbon Fibre

This frogman is not using an original carbon fibre material but instead choose carbon fibre pattern.  It was released in November 2001 in Japanese market.

GW-201NT-1JF Carbon Fibre




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