Frogman GW-200 Series

Frogman GW-200 Series

Casio continues its frogman legacy with GW-200 series by releasing  basic GW-200-2JF in July 2001. GW-200 is quite similar in design with its predecessor  DW-6300, but with improvement in many ways.

TheTough Solar was added to GW-200 !


Frogman DW-200 Series

G-Shock released the basic model GW-200-2JF in July 2001.  The next model was limited edition GW-200K-2JR which was produced in collaboration with I.C.E.R.C (International Cetacean Education and Research Center). This frogman also widely known as Frogman Mr Cartoon.

It supports the environmental protection initiatives of the Dolphin & Whale Eco-Research Network, an educational and research project undertaken by I.C.E.R.C. This model also features a uniquely engraved back including the words, “ALL AS ONE,” capturing the sentiment that both nature and life itself are delicately woven together like a symphony.  The last frogman from DW-9900 series was also produced in July 2001 with a code DW-9900BS-2JF.


GW-201-6JF is also known as Snake Killer Frogman or Poison Frog was released in August 2001. It was long discontinued, and one of the most sought after Frogman.

GW-201NT-1JF was produced in November 2001. For the first time and the only one comes with printed Carbon Fibre  texture in its band and bezel.

GW-200GM-9JF was produced a year later in March 2002.  This model also known as Frogman Gold Defender.

GW-202K-2JR is another collaboration I.C.E.R.C (International Cetacean Education and Research Center) which was released in June 2002. The limited edition of GW-202K-2JR also known as Blue Whale.

Frogman Jelly Red

GW-202Ak-7JR is another collaboration with I.C.E.R.C which was released in June 2002 together with GW-202K-2JR.

GW-200BC-1JF was released in July 2002 with a black-themed color “BLACK HELIOS ( Black Helios) “series. Black Helios means the “sun” in Greek.

GW-203K-4JR This model marked 9th collaboration model between G-Shock and I.C.E.R.C.  The red jelly was chosen as a theme. Red Jelly Frogman is one of the sought after model now.  This frogman was released in June 2003.

GW-200RB-1JF was officially released in March 2004. This model is also known as Black Sports Frogman.  Nice for those who are looking for simple frogman.

Frogman GW-200TC

GW-200CF-7F is also known as Brazilian Frogman.  The camo design is similar to Brazilian Milky Frog which can be found in Brazil.  It was officially released in March 2004.

GW-204K-9JR is another collaboration between G-Shock and I.C.E.R.C. to support international dolphin and whale research. It was released in June 2004.  The combination of yellow and black is pretty cool.

GW-200S-8JF was released in February 2005. This model comes with black and silver theme. Not so pouplar frogman but it also known as BLACK & SILVER ’05 “FROGMAN 

GW-200TC-4JR This model also known as Triple Crown Frogman. GW-200TC-4JR is a limited edition Frogman with collaboration with the Triple Crown, a surfing contest in USA in May 2005.  It was released together with GW-200TC-2JR and the GW-200TC-3JR.  Triple Crown is one of the most sought after from GW-200 Frogman series.

Frogman _GW_206ka

GW-200TC-3JR Another Triple Crown Frogman model. GW-200TC-3JR is a limited edition Frogman with collaboration with the Triple Crown, a surfing contest in May 2005.

GW-200TC-2JR Another Triple Crown Frogman model.GW-200TC-2JR is a limited edition Frogman with collaboration with the Triple Crown, a surfing contest in May 2005.

GW-205K-2JR is another collaboration between G-Shock and I.C.E.R.C. which was released in June 2005. It was released in conjunction with 5th Dolphin & Whale Eco-Research Network.

GW-206K-7JR is another collaboration between G-Shock and I.C.E.R.C. which was released in June 2006. It was released in conjunction with 6th Dolphin & Whale Eco-Research Network.


GW-225A-1JF was released in June 2007 in conjunction with G-Shock 25th anniversary in May 2008. Engraved with a commemorative 25th Anniversary logo. Black resin band digital watch with gold face.This model was released in limited quantity. It comes with a nice carbon fibre box.

GW-225C-1JF  This “Master Blue Limited 25th Anniversary” model was released in November 2007 to celebrate G-Shock 25th Anniversary.

GW-225E-7JF  This “Glorious Gold Limited 25th Anniversary” model was released in May 2008 to celebrate G-Shock 25th Anniversary.

GW-200MS-1JF was released in March 2009 under a theme “Men in Rusty Black”. This model was also released together with Mudman G-9000MS and Riseman GW-9200MSJ under Men in Rusty Black.

Final Frogman

GW-200F-3JR was released in June 2009. Its a collaboration model with Love The Sea And The Earth NGO. The Green Kermit GW-200F-3JR is super rare and highly sought after, the cost now can easily hit USD1000.

GW-200Z-1JF  is the final model from GW-200 series before 5th Generation of Frogman GWF-1000 was released.  Due to that reason this model also known as FINAL FROGMAN.  If you are frogman collector, this is simply must have model 🙂


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