Limited Edition DGK x G-Shock GX56DGK-1

Limited Edition G-Shock King DGK  GX-56DGK-1JR


The collaboration between CASIO G-SHOCK and Stevie Williams’ DGK skate brand link is one of the most success collaboration and was based on the “King G-Shock” GXW-56 series. The model is known with a code GX-56DGK-1JR.

DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids)
is a skateboard company, the company evolved into a multi-million dollar brand spanning from skateboards to a full apparel collection that is sold in many worldwide.

The company was founded by Stevie Williams in 2002.  Stevie has been overwhelmingly successful in the endorsement arena with partnerships with fortune 500 companies ranging from Reebok to Casio and most recently with Supra in which he launched his own sneaker S1W.

The GX-56DGK-1JR

The combination of purple and black colour is really outstanding and easily wins the fans heart.  When the GX-56 series was introduced, the aims is to create a G-SHOCK’s most robust and durable watch.

The over-designed piece is decked out in a black and purple hue. The watch also incorporates a solar-powered rechargeable function. The DGK x CASIO G-SHOCK GX56DGK-1 was released in December, 2010

The Price

The retail price was very reasonable  at $160.   However, if you are looking for a used or new unit now, it can hit up to $1000.

dgk-gshock-watch-0Where To Buy
The production of GXW-56 has been discontinued. But you still can buy this limited edition at ebay, yahoo auction and other collector site.

The GX-56DGK band & bezel is also available from $100+
GXW-56 Manual Download
Download G-Shock King GXW-56 manual here.



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