Johhny Cupcakes x G-Shock

Johhny Cupcakes x G-ShockJohhny Cupcakes x G-Shock CASIO G-SHOCK and Johnny Cupcakes blend each of their unique aesthetics for a playful, but tough limited edition timepiece this November 2015. Arriving in one of G-Shock’s most popular and recognizable styles – the GDX6900 – the timepiece is designed with pink, blue, and white sprinkles on an aqua background. The... Read More »

BAPE x G-Shock 2015

BAPE x G-Shock 2015BAPE x G-Shock 2015 BAPE® will be releasing a new DW-6900FS limited edition G-Shock watch as a part of its 2015 AW collection on September 19th (Saturday). The watch will launch in a solid silver / gray colorway to symbolize the colder winter months and will make a great statement piece in your Collection. This... Read More »

Tommy x G-Shock

Tommy x G-ShockTommy x G-Shock Another success collaboration between “TOMMY HILFIGER” and “NEW YORK” and G-Shock in 2011.Again,  the popular Casio “G-SHOCK DW-6900” was chosen for this collaboration. The backlight will lift the logo of “TOMMY”. Statue of Liberty on the back with the founding in 1985 of the logo, and stamped “DW-6900”. The colour is outstanding, beautiful bright... Read More »

Alife X G-Shock GD-X6900AL-2

Alife X G-Shock GD-X6900AL-2G-Shock via its Facebook has released a photo of  their new limited edition watch with collaboration with the NYC streetwear team from Alife. The Alife x G-Shock GD-X6900AL-2 is targeted to  launch in October 2015.  If you remember PegLeg, this watch has something similar with patriotic stars and stripes design coating the entire timepiece.  The Alife logo you can... Read More »


SUBCREW x G-ShockSUBCREW x G-Shock Hong Kong fashion brand Subcrew has teamed up with G-shock to produce Subcrew x G-Shock Limited Edition watch DW-6900SCR-3.  They’ve put the Sharkmarine’s teeth and eye patterns on the watchstrap, with the eye-catching yellow/green color combination that meet the sharkmarine theme. The sharkmarine pattern has been added on the LED backlight, makes the... Read More »

Supra x G-Shock

Supra x G-ShockSupra x G-Shock In commemoration of their second collaborative launch, esteemed watchmakers Casio G-SHOCK and leading footwear brand SUPRA design two custom timepieces and two high top silhouette sneakers for the SUPRA x G-SHOCK and SUPRA x G-SHOCK S Series line respectively. The partnership emphasizes on the innovative technical features, functionality and stylish components available... Read More »

G-Shock Carbon Fibre

G-Shock Carbon FibreG-Shock Carbon Fibre If you love Carbon Fibre, G-Shock has few collection of Carbon Fibre watch in its production range. Besides added strength and reduced weight, the carbon fiber just looks really cool on your hand. 🙂 In this post we share some of it, eventhough many of them are hard to find in the market,... Read More »

Rangeman GW-9400FBJ

Rangeman GW-9400FBJRangeman GW-9400FBJ Kobe City Fire Bureau Limited Edition With a collaboration with Kobe City Fire Department, the G-Shock has introduced the Rangeman GW-9400FBJ Limited Edition. The GW-9400FBJ will be released on 17 July 2015. The based model chosen is Rangeman GW-9400 due to the fact that the team require accurate time and information for their operations. The color ring was... Read More »

Dahood x G-Shock GX-56-4 Collaboration

Dahood x G-Shock GX-56-4 CollaborationDahood x G-Shock GX-56-4 Collaboration This is the second time GX-56 series has been chosen for collaboration. The first one was GX-56DGK, and this orange is the result of collaboration between G-Shock and Dahood. This is very bilingual Hong Kong style, and extremely eye-catching and orange hues.  ... Read More »

G-Shock Men in Camouflage

G-Shock Men in CamouflageG-Shock Men in Camouflage Early 2015, G-shock has released another limited products with a theme “men in camouflage“. The Master of G series equipped with assumed specialized functions for use in harsh conditions. There’s three new camouflage-pattern models to choose from. There’s G-shock Frogman GF-8250CM, GW-9300CM and G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400CMJ. G-Shock “Frogman” GF-8250CM-2JR The G-Shock “Frogman” GF-8250CM-2JR  comes... Read More »


FROGMAN GWF-T1000BS-1JR RubyFROGMAN GWF-T1000BS-1JR Ruby The frogman GWF-T1000BS-1JR was released in July 7 2011 with a limited number of 200 units only. The frogman GWF-T1000BS-1JR look similar to earlier version of GWF-1000BS-1JF, however there are some difference that make thisGWF-T1000BS-1JR very unique and collector item : 2 genuine ruby insets in place of the decorative screws of the iconic... Read More »

Bliss n Eso x G-Shock

Bliss n Eso x G-ShockBliss n Eso x G-Shock The announcement of the collaboration betweenMulti-Platinum ARIA Award-winning hip hop group Bliss n Eso and G-Shock came in April 2013 during G-Shock’s 30th anniversary party in Melbourne. Only 1,000 units have been produced of the Bliss n Eso x G-Shock collaboration model DW6900BNE-1D. G-Shock’s most iconic model – the DW6900 – was... Read More »

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